Just like people need health checkups, so do our waters

This State of the Bays Report provides a snapshot of key ecosystem health metrics for the Pensacola and Perdido Bays. The report will allow us to:

Determine if our waters are declining, improving, or staying the same

Identify areas where more information is needed to evaluate conditions

Enhance our community’s quality of life

Scale of ecosystem health:


Interconnected indicators measure ecosystem health

The estuarine ecosystem is
made up of 4 key habitats

Changes to the landscape
can alter habitats

Changes to the landscape
can impact water quality

Bacteria inputs impair water
quality and threaten human health

Impaired waters
threaten our wildlife

Prescription for Healthy Bays

We are pleased to release our first Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) for the Pensacola and Perdido Bay Watersheds – A Prescription for Healthy Bays!

The CCMP is intended to serve as a guide for implementing monitoring, research, reporting, restoration, education and outreach, and policy priorities that enhance the community’s quality of life and economic prosperity, while improving the health and sustainability of the Pensacola and Perdido Bay Watersheds.